Thursday, September 17, 2009 my life companion

I must share with you something that happend me about  two years ago
My best  friend receives a copy of an email she got from Business Insider Economic Research Center
She said it looked serious and maybe we should  check it out
As you all know I was after closing my fashion store in Ireland
And i had considerable amount of money
I was looking for what I can do with the money instead the bank will freeze it,
and that the risk of income will not be too large.
After a thorough examination i invested about $ 85,000 ,
there began a beautiful friendship for life with where I invested and attractive profits every month and because of that I can continue to deal with this matter I deal with the fashion my life.
And so she wrote at the time in 2007

March 22, 2007
Houston, TX, August 22, 2007– For over one hundred years’ men and women around the globe have
participated in various investment funds. The hassles of depending on your own goals and ideas for
investing are over. provides investors with automated investment solutions. We remove the
guesswork from investing creating a more productive and profitable lifestyle for our
clients…” CEO John Bolton stated.
By using breakthrough technology and resources provides investment clients with alternative
options and methods. CEO John Bolton stated in an interview that he sees his company as the
future of investing. “We remove the guesswork from investing.” Bolton said. If you or your firm are
interested in a more secure and profitable way of investing consider
Investing comes easy with
Call today!
Don’t miss out on this breakthrough investing process!!
If you would like more information about investing with , please contact John Bolton at
Economic Insider Business Research Center or email at
Contact: John Bolton
 Economic Insider Business Research Center
Phone 1‐713‐317‐5827

Although it was A bit hard to get in there, it is worth it.

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